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Mission: To advance psychology as a science, profession, 
 as a means of promoting human welfare in Oklahoma
by advancing psychology as a science and profession.

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The Oklahoma Psychological Association (OPA) was founded in 1946 for  the purpose of advancing psychology as a science, profession, and as a means of promoting human welfare. Today, most of Oklahoma's psychologists belong to OPA and represent the diversity of psychology in its scientific, academic, research, and applied aspects. Through OPA, they work to promote research in psychology, the highest standards of quality and usefulness of applied psychology, and the dissemination of psychology to others.

These goals are accomplished through annual conventions, sponsored workshops, liaison to governmental agencies and bodies, liaison to American Psychological Association (APA), publications, peer review boards, continuing education opportunities, research grants, and community activities.


OPA works to serve the best interests of all Oklahoma Psychologists through several strategies to include engaging in political lobbying both at the State and Federal level, advocating for mental health parity, and at times providing a “voice” for the Board of Examiners of Psychologists at the state legislature such that if changes are needed in our law or if our law is threatened, OPA is available to act for psychologists. 

The organization provides numerous educational opportunities through seminars and workshops, mentoring opportunities as well as providing a forum for meeting other professionals.  Four times a year, the Oklahoma Psychologist Newsletter is published which informs members of the organizations activities as well as providing important information such as explaining about the NPI which practitioners are required to obtain.

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The Oklahoma Psychological Association's mission is to promote human welfare in Oklahoma by advancing psychology as a science and profession


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