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The Oklahoma Psychological Association (OPA) values the involvement of our members in impacting legislation and electing house and senate leaders that understand behavioral health issues.  Because OPA Members CAN make a difference, the membership and Board of Directors voted to start a LIMITED PAC.   

It is important that WE as Oklahoman's and psychologists elect leaders that understand our role in the care model of those with behavioral health issues. 

A PAC is a group of two or more persons that receives contributions or makes expenditures for any of these purposes: (1) to make contributions to candidates or candidate committees; (2) to make contributions to other PACs.  

OPA membership voted to focus efforts on a Limited PAC in order to elect legislators and government leaders who understand psychology and the mental health crisis that exists today in our state. 

A Limited PAC is the best way for OPA members to take their dollars and put them to work to build OPA's political capital and allow us to help our friends in the legislature get elected and re-elected.  


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The Oklahoma Psychological Association's mission is to promote human welfare in Oklahoma by advancing psychology as a science and profession


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