OPA Leadership


President  Jonathan Hart, Ph.D.
President Elect J'Dene Rogers, Ph.D.
Past President Lori Holmquist-Day, Ph.D
Secretary  Kayla Balcom, Ph.D
Treasurer  Bobby Martin, Ph.D.


Eileen Parker, Ph.D.
Rachel Funk-Lawler, Ph.D.
Peter Rausch, Ph.D.

Leslie Riley, Psy.D.




APA Representative

Sunnye Mayes, Ph.D.

OPA Staff

Executive Director Danna Fowble
Membership Manager Ruth Littlefield

Division Chairs

DRAT Division Representative    Dave Kerby, Ph.D.
RxP Division Rep   Thomas Marra, Ph.D.
HSP Division Representative  Jennifer Steber, Ph.D

Diversity Division Representative 

Shannon Beach, Ph.D.
Membership Representative  Leslie Riley, Psy.D.
ECP Representative  Jessica Duffel, Ph.D.
BHAC Representative  Lori Holmquist Day, Ph.D.


MAC Representative   Lori Holmquist Day, Ph.D.



The Oklahoma Psychological Association’s mission is to promote human welfare
in Oklahoma by advancing psychology as a science and profession.



Endorsed by the Oklahoma Psychological Association