Oklahoma Legislative Updates

Every Interim, between Legislative Sessions, the House and Senate study a variety of issues they have not had adequate time to evaluate during the regular legislative session.  Interim study hearings can afford more time for the in-depth study of a a wide variety of issues, or an opportunity for press coverage of various issues without the competition of other high profile legislation.  Often these issues may be politically contentious or may provide an opportunity for the legislature to satisfy a constituent demand for a hearing without actually passing legislation.  

We must monitor, and often attend, many interim studies, as they provide us valuable insight into the legislation that may be introduced, provide us an opportunity to educate not only legislators in attendance, but often the public and the press.
While many assume that the legislature works only during the formal legislative session, the truth is that their real work begins within weeks of the conclusion of session, with the filing of Interim Studies, and subsequent Interim Study meetings.
Many of the studies either directly or indirectly affect the concerns and interests of psychologists and the people they serve, whether in private practice, or through a state agency or state- contracted services, whether through Medicaid services or as School Psychologists. Issues related to consolidation could ultimately affect the governance of psychologists and your license to practice.
Listed below are all of the Interim studies requested.  Only those with a green bar have been approved for a hearing.  Those listed as dead were requested but not granted.
OPA will keep you appraised of all developments that will impact our members.


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