Oklahoma Legislative Updates


Some of the most significant outcomes in yesterday’s Oklahoma primary elections were the following:


1.         As expected there will be a runoff in the Republican primary for Governor, between Former OKC Mayor Mick Cornett, R-OKC and Tulsa Businessman and first-time candidate Kevin Stitt, R-Tulsa.  Lt. Governor Todd Lamb received 23.87%  of the vote and finished a 3rd in the 10-candidate Republican primary. Cornett won 29.35%, followed by Stitt with 24.41%. None of the remaining seven candidates broke the double-digit barrier.


2.         The very “vicious” Attorney General Republican primary will extend until the primary runoff on August 28th.   Current Attorney General Mike Hunter, R-Edmond will face opponent Gentner Drummond, R- Hominy.  Hunter received 44.48% of the vote while Drummond received 38.46%. 


3.         With the exception of State Insurance Commission, all other Statewide races will go into a runoff.  State Rep. Glenn Mulready, R- Tulsa won the Republican primary for Insurance Commissioner and will face Democrat Kimberley Fobbs in November. 


4.         5 members of the self-proclaimed constitutional conservatives in the House “Platform Caucus” faced tough reelections, and two lost their re-election bids - -  Rep. Chuck Strom, R-Ponca City and Rep. Scott McEachin, R- Tulsa.  While the remaining 3 were forced into a primary runoff - - Rep. Dr. Mike Ritze, R –Broken Arrow, Rep. Sean Roberts, R- Hominy, and Rep. Tess Teague, R- Midwest City.


5.         SQ 788 to allow Medical Marijuana in Oklahoma passed with a very strong showing with 56.84% of the vote.  We expect a Special Session to follow in the coming weeks to clarify regulations for implementation.  Current discussions range from making very few changes as “the voters have spoken” to perhaps delaying the implementation for as much as a year.  The exact path forward is still to be determined. 


6.         Six Republican legislative incumbents fail to advance out of primary election:


    • Sen. Ervin Yen, R-Oklahoma City, lost his primary bid to Joe Howell in SD 40. Yen captured just 39.95% of the vote to Howell's 60.05%.


    • The most surprising loss in the House might be Rep. George Babinec, R-Cushing. Babinec only received 28.57% of the vote in the HD 33 GOP primary. John Thomas Talley won the primary with 61.35% of the vote and will face Democrat Brandon Phillips in November.


    • Rep. Steven Vaughan, R-Ponca City, also saw a crushing defeat in the primary. In an interesting twist, former Democratic representative Ken Luttrell switched parties and won the HD 37 Republican primary with 57.93 % of the vote. Luttrell is now elected as there is no Democrat opponent in the race. 


    • Rep. Scooter Park, R-Devol, lost HD 65's GOP primary to Toni Hasenbeck. Hasenbeck, who received 51.85 % of the vote and will face Democrat Brandon Thompson in November.


    • Rep. Chuck Strohm, R-Broken Arrow, also lost his seat. Strohm received 36.30% of the Republican primary vote in HD 69 while his opponent, Shelia Dills, received 63.70%. She will face Democrat Andy Richardson in November.


    • Rep. Scott McEachin, R-Tulsa, lost the HD 67 GOP Primary to Jeff Boatman, who received 62.19% of the vote. Boatman will face Democrat Carly Hotvedt in November.


7.         Ten Republican Legislative Incumbents were forced into runoffs:


    • Rep. Mark Lawson, R-Sapulpa, will face Kent Glesener in the August 28th runoff. The winner of that contest will claim the seat as there is no Democrat opponent. Lawson received 47.48% of the primary vote. 


    • Rep. Travis Dunlap, R- Bartlesville, received 46.11% of primary votes in HD 10 and will face Judd Strom in the primary runoff.


    • Rep. John Pfeiffer, R-Mulhall, received 42.55 % of the primary vote and will face Brian Hobbs in August. The winner of the runoff will win HD 38.


    • Rep. Jeff Coody, R-Grandfield, who received 39.71% of the vote in HD 63, will face Trey Caldwell, who received 39.08%, in the primary runoff election.


    • Rep. Tess Teague, R-Choctaw, received 37.99% of the vote in the HD 101 Republican primary while Robert Manger, one of three primary opponents, received 26.55%.


    • Rep. Sean Roberts, R-Hominy, received 33.04 % of the HD 36 primary votes. Louise Redcorn, received 32.13% of the vote.


    • Rep. Mike Ritze, R-Broken Arrow, came in second in the HD 80 Republican primary with 36.56% of the vote. Stan May received 39.47% of the vote


    • Rep. George Faught, R- Muskogee, received 44.61% of the vote and will face his opponent Chris Sneed who received 28.48%, of the vote in HD 14.


    • Rep. Jadine Nollan, R- Sand Springs, received 46.71% of the HD 66 vote and will  face opponent Brian Jackson who received 36.63% of the vote.


    • Rep. Bobby Cleveland, R – Slaughterville, received 43.04% of the vote in HD 20 while opponent Sherrie Conley received 16.62% of the vote. 



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