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As you know, there has been a bipartisan legislative committee established to deal with implementation of SQ 788.  This committee has been scheduling special meetings to have specific groups address them with their concerns, opportunities and input on SQ 788, Oklahoma's Medical Marijuana initiative, passed in June.  This legislative group will take the information from all of these meetings and finalize the rules and regulations that will govern Oklahoma's medical marijuana laws.  
OPA was included in a meeting this evening at the Oklahoma Osteopathic Association with lobbyists and/or executive directors of state associations representing various health related organizations.  It was an honor to be at the table to address the implementation, challenges, etc. with this SQ 788.  
This group will address the bipartisan legislative committee on Wednesday, August 29th at the State Capitol as part of a meeting all morning where the same group will also hear from The State Chamber's Medical Marijuana Business Community Committee, a group that OPA has been involved in not only through our lobbyist's membership but through our management company's joint membership.  
Please click below to see current meeting materials from both groups.  
The Health Care Coalition that met tonight will be finalizing their talking points and leave behinds for the August 29 meeting.  When they are available for public consumption, we will make them available to OPA.  We have been told that the meeting on the 29th of August at the State Capitol will be packed. The meeting can be streamed live on your computer.  If this is something you have an interest in seeing, we can provide the link to do so. It is currently not available.  Your OPA lobbyist will be present at this hearing.  
Additionally, if you still have not participated in OPA's survey on this issue, the deadline is this Friday.  You can participate by clicking on this link.  It takes just a short 3-4 minutes.  We will finalize the results for the OPA and distribute soon.  



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